Recent Projects

In this project the client requested a home theater quality sound and video in his living room. The challenge was that the ceilings were slub concrete making it hard to pull wire or to place speakers. The solution was to place invisible speakers around the perimeter resulting in Dolby Atmos surround sound experience without compromising the decor. In addition, the client wanted to add lighting in the room and again the slub concrete ceilings presented a challenge. The solution, we installed track lighting around the inner perimeter and LED strip lighting with RGB behind the valances covering the shades and windows to enhance the atmosphere.

This posh Penthouse in Midtown Manhattan has a lot of different lighting zones. The owner asked to simplify his control over the lighting. The way to achieve that was to hide as many dimmers as possible out of sight and in their place mount custom engraved, backlit keypads and control the lights through useful scenes rather than each light at a time. Some scene control include food preparation, TV watching, relaxing and night time. The owner also wanted to listen to different music streaming services in different rooms in the house. He also loves to watch movies in surround sound, but since the media room doubles as a guest room, he didn’t want the speakers to be visible, and therefore we provided invisible speakers to accommodate this request. Finally, we provided automated shades throughout the apartment to complement the lighting control, so the shades can be part of many of the lighting scenes.

At this Showhouse in Brooklyn Heights, we provided the owners with eight rooms of music with multiple streaming services as well as control over the lights, automated shades, thermostats, surveillance cameras and security system. The lighting control system we provided allowed them to minimize the amount of dimmers in each room and replace them with chic custom engraved and backlit keypads. We also provided the setup for future TV screens in each room with the cable boxes and other video sources mounted remotely in the closet for a cleaner look.

In this Model Apartment in Harlem we installed Motorized SunStrip Shades; these unique shades can provide both privacy and view depending on how the slats line up. We complements these modern looking shades with classy yet modern looking draperies.

The designer of this luxury condo across from Central Park West called for some unique touches: The designer wanted to create a look that is rustic yet modern. We accomplished that with Motorized Roller Shades with organic like material, behind Woven Wood shades to create the rustic feel. Rounding up the organic look are sliding Plantation Shutters over the terrace door.

In this prewar apartment on West End Ave. we provided timeless white plantation shutters in the master bedroom. In the library we complemented the shutters with beautiful drapery panels and a matching seat cushion on the radiator. In the dining room we installed motorized Silhouette Shades and complemented them with classy drapery side panels.