Motorized Shades

Motorized Shades

motorized shades

Save Time and Money

If you have multiple windows in your home or office how enticing or feasible is it to walk around to roll your shades up or down morning and night? Chances are you might avoid the hassle all together and leave them down indefinitely. Wouldn’t that be a waste of a window and in many cases of a great view?

If we go by the old proverb that Time is Money, then Motorized Shades (and other motorized window treatments) can save you both time and money! Just roll your shades up or down with one flick of a button. Or better yet, why not set a timer or a light sensor to roll your automated shades up or down automatically at the right time? Now you can forget they’re even there, one less hassle to worry about in your busy life. There’s no wonder many of our clients are saying that investing in motorized shades or blinds is one of the best investments they made in their house or business.

Not All Motorized Shading Systems are Created Equal

Today there are primarily three different operating systems on the market for automated window shades. They are Lutron, Somfy* and Hunter Douglas. Some are hard-wired line-voltage (110V) and some are low-voltage (12V-24V). They each have their pros and cons and working with the right motorization expert ensures that you’ll receive the right system for your needs and budget. In addition, it’s important that you’ll work with capable installers and programmers who will set the system right to work around your needs and comfort. It’s also important that they’ll be able to set properly the mobile app and scenes that usually accompany these systems. Speaking of which…

*Many people ask us about Mecho Shades and Crestron. These two companies don’t have their own motors and use Somfy motors for their shades

There’s an App for That

The aforementioned three primary motorized shades operating systems all have the option for Mobile App control. Besides controlling your motorized shades through the mobile app, you can also schedule timed events, create different scenes and control the shades remotely from outside your home. The same devices that enable the mobile app also allow integration with 3rd party control systems.

Home Automation & Integration

Today a shading motorized system is seen as one integral part of a Smart Home or home automation. Especially with Lutron shades, window shading is seen as means for controlling sunlight in an interior space and thus should be integrated with the man-made lighting in the space. Lutron offers sleek keypads that incorporate both lighting control and shading control onto a single custom engraved, back-lit keypad and thus help you avoid having unsightly multiple switches or keypads for your lights and shades. Shades can also be integrated into lighting scenes such as goodnight which turns off all the lights but the ones in bathrooms which dim very low and rolls all the shades down. Or an away scene which shuts the lights off all together and rolls all the shades down on your way out the door. Some scenes can be integrated into 3rd party control. For example, if you want to watch a movie, a single button press on your Universal Remote Control or touchpad will start the movie, roll down the shades and dim the lights. Comfort at its best.

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Avoid Finger Pointing

Can your motorized shading providers speak to your integrator in the same language to avoid mishaps and finger-pointing? What if the shading company and integrators were the same? Unique Window Treatments has an entire division dedicated to home automation and integration. So, the shading and integration companies are one and the same. Please visit our Home Automation division at www.unique-spaces.com for more information. Even if you still choose to work with your own integrators, since we understand integration, we can ensure your integrators have everything they need for a successful project. We will also provide all the necessary documents and paperwork to your architect or designer.

Automated Shading for Commercial Spaces

A well-designed space needs to let the outside in through access to views, effective daylighting, and green solutions. Today’s high-performance commercial spaces emphasize total control of light in the pursuit of energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality, and resource conservation. Our shading & lighting solutions are a key component to achieving these goals.

A high-performance commercial space is designed to support multiple activities—presentations, videoconferencing, meetings, computer-based tasks. Daylight control is a critical component in delivering that performance, but there is an even greater opportunity.

Integrating daylight control with wireless, inter-operable lighting controls allows for control of the whole visual environment, which saves energy and makes a space flexible enough to deliver the perfect light for any function.

Get Us Involved Early

If you’re planning to incorporate motorized window treatments in a new construction or renovation project, get us involved early! We can help you in the design process to ensure the shades will be recessed and out of sight when rolled up. We will see to it that the recess is adequate to encase the shading system you plan to use and provide your designer or architect with the proper drawings.

We will also make sure that the proper wiring is incorporated to power the operating system that best fits your needs and advise on the proper placement for wires, outlets and power panels.

Get us involved in your project early and avoid the many pitfalls that we saw home-owners and professional stumble into over the years. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.