The right lighting is essential to everything we do. Whether you’re: doing kitchen prep work, starting your early morning off luminously, maybe catching up on your favorite TV show, sharing that special moment with a loved one, or even getting ready for bed after a long day. At Unique Spaces, we give you full control over both the interior and the exterior lighting of your house or commercial property. We can even give you control over the sunlight filtering through the windows.


How often have you probably found yourself switching lights on and off in order to find what purpose each one serves in a new house? Maybe you have walked into an area with dozens of light switches crowding the walls. Unique Spaces can offer you a solution that is both practical and decorative; a single backlit keypad with up to six custom engraved buttons. Sleek, modern and easy to use. Each button can be used in place of a dimmer and to create a scene. Since the buttons are engraved, there’s no need for guessing. Six dimmers confined into one sleek keypad – now that’s a Smart Home.


The right lighting is essential to everything we do. Whether you’re: doing kitchen prep work, starting your early morning off luminously, maybe catching up on your favorite TV show, sharing that special moment with a loved one, or even getting ready for bed after a long day. Whether you want to create the perfect ambience in every room, or switch off all the lights with a quick push of a button on your way out the door. Our Smart Keypads and Dimmers can transform your space.
  • Eliminate unsightly dimmers and replace them with custom engraved, backlit sophisticated keypads.
  • Create ‘Scenes’ for every mood or purpose: Welcome Home, Entertain, Relax, Good Morning and Away (just to name a few).
  • Integrate lighting with other systems in your house. For example, as the lights dim, the curtains close and the movie starts.
  • Hands Free lighting. Use sensors to turn on lights automatically when walking into a room, and shut off when they are not in use.
  • By recognizing the proximity of your phone, lights can turn on automatically when you approach your home thanks to Geo Fencing.
  • Use ‘Away Mode’ so lights will turn on and off on their own so when you’re away it creates the illusion that you’re home even if you’re vacationing a half way around the globe.
  • Control your lights from anywhere whether it is on the couch, at your office, or away in your ski cabin.


With a lighting control system you can track your lights from a simple app on your phone or tablet, whether inside or outside your home. Turn lights on or off while lying in bed. Track lights from your office and see if the kids came home. Forgot to roll the shades down? No problem at all, there’s an app for that. Better yet, a lighting control system allows you to set timed events based on either actual time or the position of the sun. For example, you can set your outdoor lights to turn on every day at sunset and turn off at midnight. You can set your shades to roll down four hours after sunrise and roll back up just on time to watch the sunset. The possibilities are endless.


What do you do with your lights when you go on vacation? Wait, don’t tell me, you leave a light turned on somewhere all the time right? The thing is that a burglar inspecting your house can tell that the light hasn’t been turned off for a week or more. You’re not fooling anyone. An added benefit of a lighting system is ‘Vacation Mode’. When vacation mode is activated lights turn on and off and shades roll up and down randomly, which creates the appearance of someone living in the house and that minimizes the chance of burglary.


The energy-saving benefits of lighting systems are brought to you through a combination of light, shade, temperature, and appliance control. Dimming a standard halogen or incandescent light bulb by 25% saves 20% in lighting energy. Dim more and you'll save even more. Sensors and a time clock also help save energy by turning off lights or rolling down shades automatically.

Dim LED lights: LED lighting is notoriously hard to dim compared to traditional halogen or incandescent systems. At Unique Spaces we will help you make sure the LED lights you select are compatible with the dimmers we use to avoid flickering, noise or complete failure. In addition, we can offer the latest technology in LED dimming; EcoSystem by Lutron.
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EcoSystem provides 128 LED dimmers in one box for a very attractive price. The wiring for EcoSystem is more efficient and cost-effective than traditional electric wiring because there are no local dimmers being used. This can cut wiring costs significantly; especially from new, large construction project.

EcoSystem allows future creative control. Individual light fixtures are not tied to a physical dimmer and light groupings are determined through programming. The advantage of this is ease in changing lighting. Let’s say you have an artwork on a certain wall and have a few light fixtures highlighting it. A few of years later, you decide to move the artwork to a different wall and now want a different set of lights to highlight the artwork in its new location. With traditional lighting which is dimmer centered this would not be possible. Not the case with the EcoSystem; with simple programming we can assign a new light group to highlight the artwork in its newfound home (or wall). EcoSystem provides built-in design flexibility.


The perfect lighting can enhance your home decor tremendously. Whether it be by setting the scene with the right lighting level for any occasion, or by eliminating unsightly switches and consolidating them into sleek keypads. Timed events, vacation ‘modes’ and the flexibility of EcoSystem will enhance lighting control even more.

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