Home Automation

Home Automation

Some people are concerned that Smart Home systems are too complex. On the contrary, our Home Integration systems are designed to work around your needs, schedule, and lifestyle. Its purpose is to simplify your life and enhance the experience of everyday living in your home, even when you are away.
The 21st century has brought about a fast evolution of technology in daily life, thus increasing our expectations of how it can simplify and enhance our lives.
Most homes today are equipped with various systems designed to create specific environments and enhance certain lifestyles. Two common examples are Audio/Video and Heating/Cooling systems. Some homes are outfitted with lighting, shading, alarm, and sprinkler systems. With today’s advancements, most of these systems have apps that allow you more control than ever before via mobile devices. Or do they?
Wouldn’t it be more suitable to have these different systems work in sync with one another while controlling them through one centralized app?
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Of course! Think, a typical media room implemented with an Audio/Video system consists of a flat screen television, cable box, Blu-Ray player, amplifier and speakers. It seems appropriate that a single remote control, or better yet, an iPad would permit the use of these different electronics in one push of a button. This will enable you to summon the movie or program of your choice, and display it on any screen throughout the house.
Imagine, you sit down and decide to order a movie from Itunes or stream a show on Netflix. You pick up your remote that controls your Audio/Video system, and make your selection. As the movie begins to play, the lights dim and the curtains draw to a close. It feels a bit cold, so why not adjust the temperature to your comfort level? You can create this entire atmosphere with a push of a button all from the same remote control, while never leaving your recliner.

Home Integration allows you to create “scenes” or “modes”.

The environment previously described could have been labeled “Movie” or “Media” and assigned predetermined levels for lights, audio, and temperature to create a comfortable atmosphere for the desired function. A scene labeled “Welcome” could be pressed as you walk through the front door causing your home to respond to your arrival by raising window shades, turning on lights, raising the temperature, and playing some inviting music or turning on your favorite news channel. In addition, perhaps as you’re leaving for work you can conveniently press the “Away” scene to turn off lights and televisions, lower the temperature, and close window shades.


Home Integration also offers the ability to access these different systems from a remote computer, laptop or smartphone. So while you’re at work you can view your security cameras, or adjust the temperature, to ensure your family is safe and comfortable while you’re away. Actually, some of the best features of a Smart Home are what happens when you’re away. When there is a delivery at the door, the smart intercom routes the call to your phone and you can decide whether to let them in. You can then turn the alarm off remotely. Just say the dog walker or housekeeper are coming everyday between 10-12 in the morning, give them a code that is active only during that time so they can access the house without you having to let them in. Even more, if you have a leak in your garage the system will notify you immediately helping you have peace of mind.


Geo fencing is one of our clients’ favorite features. It senses the location of your smartphone in relation to your home to automatically trigger events. It can automatically turn on lights, sound, adjust temperature, unlock doors and open gates as you approach. In reverse it can lock doors, arm alarms and minimize energy use while away from your home.

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