We have entered a green renaissance

Commercial institutions have seen the value of sustainable practices, recycled materials, and LEED® certification – a value which transcends environmental responsibility. It is realized through increased comfort, productivity, and employee satisfaction. Many companies and institutions recognize they need to reduce energy consumption while becoming more efficient in the way they use various systems throughout their facilities. Unique Spaces can provide tools to centrally manage lighting, shading, HVAC & other systems.
control 4 automation
While saving energy is great for the environment, most facility managers and owners may find it extremely beneficial to be able to track and quantify their savings. Unique Spaces has products to track energy consumption and energy savings using easy to understand visual displays and graphs.

A well-designed building needs to let the outside in allowing access to views, effective daylighting, and green solutions. Today’s high-performance commercial space emphasizes total control of light in the pursuit of energy efficiency, indoor environmental quality, and resource conservation. Our shading & lighting solutions are a key component to achieving these goals.

Daylight Control

A high-performance commercial space is designed to support multiple activities: presentations, videoconferencing, meetings, computer-based tasks. Daylight control is a critical component in delivering that performance, but there is an even greater opportunity. Integrating daylight control with wireless, interoperable lighting controls allows for control of the whole visual environment. This saves energy and makes a space flexible enough to deliver the perfect light for any function.


Much like a good Home Theater, creating the perfect Board Room is essential for a well-functioning company especially with the need for presentations and collaborative board meetings. Our solutions include automated projection screens, projectors with or without lifts, cutting edge audio and most importantly, collaborative tools. Our systems allow multiple users to remotely share a screen while presenting graphs, charts or any other graphics on the large screen. Now, you can connect to the presentation wirelessly and can also be done remotely. Now you can collaborate with employees in a different town or overseas without worry.


The phone line is dead, long live the new king; the VOIP phone. A phone system that operates through your cable or fiber-optic network such as FiOS. There is no need to pay for phone lines anymore. You can add as many phone stations and lines as desired with the freedom of selecting the phone numbers and area codes. A call can be routed to your work office, home office or mobile phone. You can also receive your voicemail in an email. Simplicity, flexibility and convenience, just like the work environment in the new Smart Office should be.

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