AV Integration

AV Integration

Thanks to AV integration, audio and video can now be taken to the next level. From the simple one touch controls that set a scene, to the ability to stream different media to multiple rooms of your home at the same time, integration maximizes the functionality of a Smart Home.
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For many people, a dedicated home theater is thought of as the height of luxury. There’s nothing like cozying up on the couch watching a movie with your family. Maybe even holding a weekly football sunday party with all your pals. We help you navigate the latest in Home-Theater technology to create the perfect audio visual experience. From selecting the proper screen to the picking the perfect projector, all while creating the best 3D sound experience imaginable. To top it off, control the various electronics in your Home Theater with one intuitive control, be it a universal remote, your phone or an iPad. With one button push you can dim the lights, draw the curtains and ACTION!


We know that not every property can accommodate a dedicated media room. We also understand that either due to decorative reasons or concerns of installing electronics where children and pets play, having a projector or a large flat screen TV hanging in the living or family room is simply not an option. For this reason, we at Unique Spaces specialize in creating multi-purpose rooms; with a flick of a button turn your cuddly family room into a bustling media room. We can:
  • Use artwork to cover large flat screen TVs so not to bother the flow of decor.
  • Install retractable projectors and screens that simply disappear into your walls.
  • Enable TVs to hide in a console, only to rise for the occasion.


With the new Dolby ATMOS format, sound exists in three-dimensional space. A new sensation of height immerses you in the action, creating a full audio atmosphere while realistically depicting objects moving overhead. Dolby ATMOS renders everything from informative dialogue, and quiet scenes, to whirlwind action with its astonishing clarity, richness, detail, and depth. This technology transforms your media room and transports you to the world of what you are viewing. Schedule a demo to experience Dolby ATMOS at our showroom.


Music inspires us, music relaxes us, music impacts us so powerfully it can completely transform our emotions. Now, imagine walking through your home and your favorite music is following you everywhere you go. Maybe you'd like to hear the local traffic report while you get ready for work, or have your favorite Jazz station greet you as you walk-in after a long day. We can’t forget, of course, that your family has their own favorite genres. Your daughter enjoys the newest up and coming DJ, while your spouse may still listen to the classics. This is why a multi-zone, multi-source music system is the best choice for today's smart home. Our systems deliver multiple streams of music simultaneously: a stream of whichever genre of music to whoever wants it, wherever they are in the home.


When you have a party, you can join as many rooms as you want to work together in a party mode. You can also add the outdoor speakers to play in sync with the indoors. Speaking of outdoor; we have solutions from modest speakers to more powerful sound including outdoor subwoofers. There are also speakers that can be hidden whether it be in your flower beds or staged as a planter.


Some people may consider ceiling or in-wall speakers to be an eyesore. Wouldn't it be great if you could have rich premium audio without seeing any visible speakers? Meet the Kameleon by Episode, so named for their ability to just disappear into your walls or ceiling. They are specifically designed to perform at their peak even when they have been spackled, painted or wall papered over. The best part is they actually utilize the drywall as a sound baffle. At less than 3 inches in depth, they will fit into any standard wall or ceiling all the while having a self-resetting protection circuit just in case you get a little too careless with the volume knob. In simpler terms, that means that they'll never blow out or need replacing. What does that mean for you? It means now you can finally have your cake and eat it too. All while you enjoy great sounding music without having to compromise your personal decor.
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